keeping the good parts of office life

web worker daily posted a great article a few days ago about how independent workers can keep the good parts of office life, including the commute.

yes, that’s right, some people miss the commute when they work remotely. some good tips:

The commute.  Since we no longer commute as often to go to the office, we miss out on some of the good things about commuting. After all, the commute allows us to prep ourselves for the day ahead, go around the neighborhood, and do some idle thinking. In my previous post, WWD reader Michael said that he liked the commute home, because it gave him the chance to unwind.

Of course, commuting can also be seen as a negative if you commute in a noisy, overcrowded, and polluted metropolis. But what can you do if you actually liked the commute?

Taking a walk or a bike ride before you start your workday can give you the same chance to prepare yourself for the day ahead, and go around the neighborhood as well. Or, if you absolutely love a long commute, drive a few hours, then check in and work in a different city for a couple of days.

some other suggestions that come to mind: have a good workout prior to starting your day, dine out for a healthy breakfast, or join a breakfast networking group.


~ by Camaraderie Coworking on August 23, 2008.

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